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The CA Profile and Navarro Urine Tests

How To Determine How Much Cancer You Have


When you are on an alternative cancer treatment how do you know whether or not it is working?

Two ways are having a P.E.T. Scan or a CT Scan. However, these are very expensive and provide radiation you don’t need in most cases.

A P.E.T. scan is a good choice when you need to know exactly where the cancer is.

But if you don’t need to know exactly where the cancer is, but you do need to know whether the alternative cancer treatment you are using is effective, the CA Profile test is very helpful.

You use this test in the following way. When you begin an alternative cancer treatment protocol you take the CA Profile.

Every six weeks thereafter (or whatever interval you use) you take another CA Profile.

If the score goes up (comparing the first score to the next score six weeks later), then you have more cancer after the current test than you had at the time of the previous test. This likely means your alternative cancer treatment may not be working!!

On the other hand, if the score goes down, then your treatment is likely doing its job.

There are other factors in determining whether your alternative cancer treatment is working (such as energy level), so you may not want to rely totally on the change in the CA Profile score, but it is certainly a number you should take seriously.

In addition to cancer patients taking the test, even people without cancer can take the test (take note caregivers) to get an early warning that they may have cancer creeping up on them.

Even cancer patients in remission should take the test every six months for 2 or 3 years after they think they are in remission. Any change in the score can help them determine if they really are in remission. Because “getting cancer” is caused by an imbalance of the immune system and the number of cancer cells, the score is very important for those in remission (note: “getting cancer” is a function of the immune system versus the number of cancer cells, but cancer itself is caused by a microbe which lives inside of cancer cells).

Here is where to go to take the test:
Testing Cancer Website

The Navarro Urine Test

This is a simple test which uses a urine sample. The sample is sent to the Philippines.

Here is their website to get the details:
Navarro Medical Clinic

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