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No two cancer researchers would agree on the dozen or so strongest alternative cancer treatments, but here are short discussions of those considered by the ICRF to be among the most potent of the alternative cancer treatments which can be used at home. Unless otherwise noted, the Cancer Tutor website is the best source of information about these treatments.

For example, suppose you want to learn more about the Cellect-Budwig Protocol, then copy and paste this into Google:
“Cancer Tutor website” “Cellect-Budwig”

The Strongest Alternative Cancer Treatments for Home Use

(*) means the protocol was developed by a board member of the ICRF
(+) means the protocol was significantly enhanced by a board member of the ICRF

1) Cellect-Budwig Protocol (*)

This is one of the most potent, safe and highly effective alternative cancer treatments. The heart and soul of this treatment is Cellect, a multi-mineral, multi-amino acid, multi-vitamin supplement, with some anti-cancer products added. Cellect was designed by a biochemist. By itself, it has shown excellent results treating cancer.

Mike Vrentas has added the Budwig protocol, laetrile (apricot seeds), juicing, etc. to the Cellect, making it a very potent protocol.

2) Bill Henderson Protocol (*)

This is one of the least expensive powerful alternative cancer treatments. While it only costs about $200 a month; if it is combined with a strong cancer diet, it is an exceptionally fast-working and highly effective alternative cancer treatment.

It consists of enzymes, the Matthias Rath protocol, immune builders and other critical elements of a potent alternative cancer treatment. It works fast enough for even pancreatic cancer. It does not cause any inflammation or swelling.

3) Brandt Grape Cure Using Red, Purple or Black Grapes (+)

This may be the oldest alternative cancer treatment still in use. It dates back to the 1920s and was developed by a South African cancer patient. It consists of nothing but grapes for several weeks (no more than seven weeks).

Today’s super-supplements, such as Cellect and a colloidal silver product called “ASAP Plus,” can be mixed in with the grape juice and greatly enhance the effectiveness of this treatment! An adult can safely add 12 tablespoons of ASAP Plus a day into their grape mush.

This treatment can also be used as the “cancer diet” for many other alternative cancer treatments. Doing this creates two super protocols without creating a conflict (normally it is not good to use two super protocols together because too many cancer cells will be killed too fast, but in this case it is a good idea).

4) Cesium Chloride and DMSO

This treatment requires expert telephone support, but that is a good thing because expert telephone support is always very helpful. This protocol has been one of the most potent alternative cancer treatments for more than 30 years. One of the unique things about this protocol is that the necessary parts of this treatment can be taken totally transdermally (though the skin), meaning it is effective for all cancer patients, even those being fed through an I.V. or a feeding tube.

Its only weakness is that it can, in some cases, create swelling and inflammation. Because of this, lower than normal doses may be needed for certain situations, such as some brain cancer or lung cancer cases. Larry of Essense of Life (spelling is correct) is finding some success in preventing swelling and inflammation. Larry has by far the most experience with this protocol. Here is his website:
Essense of Life website

5) Frequency Generator – Electromedicine (+)

Dr. Royal Rife had a 100% cure rate on 16 advanced cancer patients (Note: an “advanced” cancer patient in the 1930s would have been in far better health than an “advanced” cancer patient today). Dr. Rife’s machine, which was called the “Rife Machine,” was actually what is now called a “frequency generator.” Dr. Rife’s research was shut down by the FDA.

A “modern day” Royal Rife has developed specifications for a highly effective cancer treatment using far more advanced frequency generators than could have existed back in the 1930s.

Frequency generators can be a primary cancer treatment or a secondary cancer treatment (meaning some other protocol is the primary protocol).

In many situations the frequency generator is an absolutely critical addition to the treatment of an advanced cancer patient. Here are examples of cancer patients would could greatly benefit from this treatment:
1) The patient cannot digest foods (usually due to stomach or colon surgery),
2) The patient cannot extract nutrients from foods (usually due to chemotherapy),
3) The patient has a very fast growing cancer,
4) The cancer has spread throughout the body,
5) The patient has cancer in their bones or bone marrow,
6) Their type of cancer involves massive infections (e.g. uterine cancer),
7) They have significant cachexia (i.e. lactic acid problems).

These are situations where supplements and diet may not be enough to win the race between the spread of cancer and the protection of the non-cancerous cells.

6) Hydrazine Sulfate – for Cachexia patients only

While not a cancer treatment by itself, about half of all cancer patients die of cachexia, which is caused by the deadly lactic acid cycle. Hydrazine sulfate is designed to break the lactic acid cycle and give very advanced cancer patients a chance to live.

Due to severe FDA persecution of this product, only one vendor: Essense of Life (spelling is correct), has a viable version of this product and he is only allowed to sell it for “pet cancer.” Make no mistake, the product he sells is the best quality H.S. product ever sold.
Essense of Life website

7) LifeOne Protocol

This is a farily new treatment which has shown excellent results for hepatoma, ovarian cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lymphoma and pancreatic cancer.

One advantage for cancer patients is that Dr. Howensite, an American-trained medical doctor, will work with the patient. Unfortunately, Dr. Howenstine moved to Costa Rica so he could actually help cancer patients. Thus, the patient has to go to Costa Rica or work with Dr. Howenstine by phone or email, as most of his cancer patients do.

8) Oleander (pill form)

This is an inexpensive and underrated cancer treatment. Oleander has been around for a long time, but it required a person to pick wild oleander or buy the oleander plant from a nursery which did not use pesticides. Then they had to go through a very delicate process of making “oleander soup.”

However, when the oleander pill (from South Africa) version of this treatment came out, it became an outstanding mainline cancer and AIDS treatment.

See this website for the complete oleander protocol of Tony Isaacs:

9) Ozone RHP (i.e. Ozone gas I.V. at home)

This is an effective cancer treatment which can be done at home. It requires the cancer patient to have an injection of ozone gas into their arm. Don’t worry, doing it this way is perfectly safe.

This protocol was developed in a third-world country and provides expert telephone support:
Ozone University

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